St Joseph's School, Bangalore


The St. Josephs school library exists to provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals with a focus on intellectual content, information literacy, and the learner. In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, the school library also serves as a learning space for students to do independent work, use computers, access the internet, use equipment and research materials. The School Library of SJS is having 92 staff and 2200+ students. The SJS library is fully automated and offers online services to the members of the library through this library website. The School library has a collection of over 13000 books and 20+ periodicals. The library also has educational and general multimedia and is well equipped with seven latest multimedia computers with Internet access. The library is having photocopying service for the students and teachers. The technology hub of the SJS fully automated and offers online services through Library Website.

Library Services and Features

The St. Josephs Library has good number of collections such as Reference books, Story books more number of periodicals. And also we are having good collection of Digital resources.

Book Selection is mainly based on the library committee and recommendations of teachers and students.

New arrivals

Librarian Picks

Library Collection

The school library has got a good collection of judiciously selected books for our members.

SL.No Description Count
1 No. of Books as per Accession Register 10754
2 Books in English 100
3 Books in Hindi 800
4 Books in Kannada 700
5 Novels, Fiction, Non- Fiction, Story Books 6000+
6 Reference Books 300+
7 Text Books 2500
8 E Books 200+
9 Books for Junior Library 1000+

Library Automation

The SJS Library is fully automated with library software developed by Easylib catering the specific needs of the library. Barcode is integrated for circulation and stock verification.

Library automation defined as Automation is used to reduce the amount of staff time devoted to repetitive.

Concept of Library Automation

The word automation has been derived from a Greek word “Automose” which means something which has the power of spontaneous motion or self-movement. Automation, when used in a library context, refers to the computerization or mechanisation of all library activities.

ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science defines

Automation as “the performance of an operation, a series of operations or a process by self-activating, self-controlling, or automatic means. Automation implies the use of automatic data processing equipment such as a computer or other labour saving devices”. The term automation was first introduced by D. S. Harder in 1936 but the word library automation has been used in literature for the last five decades. the application of computers to perform traditional library housekeeping activities such as acquisition, circulation, cataloguing, and reference and serials control. Effective management and utilisation of the library resources in a School Library requires incorporation of modern technologies as the Librarian alone has to do all the tasks in the library. This always causes delays in assisting the students to get the information they require as well as circulation of books to maximum number students in library periods allotted to the classes.

To facilitate the effective use of books and Library resources to the School Library has started computerisation with the Library Management Software developed in Library. The software provides facilities for catalogue search, circulation of books and magazines, reservation of books, reports, class library management, fine collection, library statistics etc. Reports on the books issued, reservation status, search book by member’s and accession number more for SJS Libraries are available. All the library resources are barcoded. Access to OPAC is provided through SchoolPhins