St Joseph's School, Bangalore

Independence Day 2023

August 15, 2023

This August 15th, our school celebrated Independence day in a large scale with all the Units of St Joseph's Indian Institutions. Our team came together the day before to prepare everything for this auspicious day where the school grounds brought on the feeling of patriotism.
The program began with the Chief guest Major General George N and all the dignitaries, the heads of all the units hosting our National flag, after which the March past with 11 troupes from all the units of SJII marched to the beat of our school band and the SJIHS band. The MC's Nirvikar and Vivek from our school took over the program as various units performed dances, patriotic songs, drill, while our school put up a skit which brought out the Significance of the day.
The whole program was exciting and memorable. We eneded the day with breakfast, followed by Mass in the chapel.