St Joseph's School, Bangalore

Sciplore - The Annual Science Exhibition

August 26, 2023

"Everything can be turned into science or a romance if our endeavors is for the benefit of humanity, love, taking the place of greed as a motive." - Mahatma Gandhi
St Joseph's School organised Sciplore 2023, the Science Exhibition, on the theme Innovation in Science & Technology on 26th August, 2023. Sciplore has always been a distinctive platform to showcase and kindle the scientific temperament of our students.
The chief guest for the day was Dr Vijay Chandru (Advisor) Health Care, Al and Robotics Tech Park, IISC. Dr Vijay emphasised the students to have love for humanity and the rest can be turned into science as they are in an advanced scientific World. The event was presided by our Rector Rev Fr Joseph D'souza. Our Principal Rev Fr Rohan D'Almeida addressed the gathering, as he was reminiscent about the journey all through these years.
Innovative models and samples like horticulture and miniature of Chandrayan-3 as a tribute to ISRO were displayed at the entrance of our school. Students across classes of 4 to 12 presented many static and working models as exhibits. A panel of judges evaluated the students based on their creativity and presentation.
The highlights of the event were, a darkroom which was set up where the visitors had the experience of being in space, the show about India's journey to the Moon and its recent successful mission Chandrayan-3 and a digital planetarium which presented a show called 'Back to the Moon'. The event was well appreciated by everyone.