St Joseph's School, Bangalore


July 08, 2024

AIKYAM a biannual event at St. Joseph's CBSE was organized on July 8th , 2024 at SJIPS auditorium -Bengaluru. It brought together students and staff participants from diverse faith backgrounds to promote peace, understanding, and cooperation. The event aimed to foster dialogue and mutual respect among different religious communities. The program commenced with the uplifting rendition of the school anthem, symbolizing unity and collective spirit. A poignant prayer dance performance depicting themes of peace and spirituality through graceful movements and gestures was next in order. A heartfelt welcome was extended to all attendees, by grade 11 student emphasizing the significance of interfaith dialogue in today's world. This was followed by the Symbolic lighting ceremony signifying the enlightenment and wisdom from various religious traditions.
The high-light of the the day was readings from diverse religious scriptures,- Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran, Agam Sutras, Tripitaka, Guru Granth Sahib highlighting universal messages of peace and harmony.
The actors of the school put up a meaningful and a thought-provoking skit illustrating the correlation between peace and progress in society. Through the Theme Dance, a culturally rich dance performance portraying the essence of peace through diverse linguistic and cultural expressions happened. Creativity was best manifested through the Engaging activity exploring the concept of life cycles and the pursuit of peace across different stages of life.
Mr. Punchok Dorjey Vajira, General Manager at the Maha Bodhi Society in Bengaluru, was felicitated and honored for his notable contributions to promoting peace and understanding. He delivered an Inspirational address emphasizing the importance of tolerance, compassion, and inter-religious harmony in building a peaceful society. Sr.Sheena Joseph the Vice Principal speaking on the occasion underscored the school's commitment to fostering an inclusive environment and promoting values of peace and unity The event was concluded with a rendition of the national anthem, symbolizing unity and patriotism.
Conclusion: AIKYAN 2024 was a resounding success, promoting inter-religious harmony and understanding through meaningful cultural and spiritual exchanges. Participants left with renewed commitments to promoting peace and cooperation in their communities, inspired by the shared values of compassion and respect. The event exemplified the power of dialogue and collaboration in fostering a more harmonious and inclusive society