St Joseph's School, Bangalore

Positive Parenting

July 06, 2024

The Positive Parenting session was held on 6th July 2024 for parents of PreKG to Class 5 in the SJIPS Auditorium from 8:30 am to 12:15 pm in 2 sessions. The sessions began with a warm welcome and a short prayer followed by the introduction and felicitation of the Resource Person for the day Mr. Muralidhar Koteshwar. Mr. Koteshwar is an engineering professional from IIT-Madras with a strong passion for education. He has pioneered workshops on stress-free living, parenting, leadership, and teaching, reaching over a million people in more than 100 countries.
The session began by addressing how parents often use negative sentences multiple times a day. It was highlighted that positive affirmations play a crucial role in improving children's behavior. The importance of nurturing a positive environment at home was emphasized. The session underscored the need to allow children to ask questions freely. This not only fosters their curiosity but also promotes a love for learning. The session highlighted the necessity of adequate exercise and rest for children's overall well-being. The speaker stressed on the need to nurture creativity and imaginative thinking, encouraging children to think independently. Trust is built by allowing children to be independent, fostering responsibility and confidence. The session was kept interactive with live anecdotes and videos.
In conclusion the session provided practical strategies for positive parenting, focusing on affirmations, curiosity, exercise, creativity, and trust. It was a valuable event for all participants.
Parents' feedback from the session is compiled :
Parent of Shreya Sundar from II D
" We learnt a lot of positive practices we can inculcate in our lives daily. Thank you very much"
Parent of Aaron of II Standard
"We found the session extremely useful, the way the topics were covered. Giving positive affirmation without killing their natural curiosity"
Ronit J from Std III B
"Very refreshing, very important practical points we learnt from this session."
Parent of Adarsh Gujarati of V B
" Believe in your child, use positive words to give them a positive mindset. Nurturing their creativity is important"