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SCIPLORE 2022-23
  • 2022
Rosalind Franklin quotes "Science and everyday life cannot be and should not be separated."
With this belief St Joseph's School, CBSE has followed an annual custom to conduct science exhibition, Sciplore that has always aimed to kindle interest in Science, to exhibit scientific talents of students and integrate science in everyday life experiences. This annual event was conducted on 27 August, 2022. This was a special event as it was held in the school premises, after two years of online or virtual programme.
Sciplore began with an inaugral programme held in the school quadrangle. The chief guest for the event was Mr Jacob Crasta, Chairman of CM Envirosystems Pvt Ltd and Lsquare Eco-products Pvt Ltd. Mr Crasta encouraged students to venture into the vast field of enterpreneurship. He shared annecodotes of his personal journey that has put him on the forefront of his field. The event was presided by Rector Rev Fr Joseph D'Souza. Prinicpal Rev Fr Rohan D'Almeida addressed the gathering of teachers, students, parents and media representatives as he was reminiscent about the journey of sciplore through these years. The planning of the event was headed by the co-ordinators, Ms Brinda M along with a team of energetic and talented science teachers. Some equisitive models and samples like apiculture, mushroom culture, medicinal plants were displayed at the entrance along with banners showcasing the contribution of Jesuit priests in the field of science. Students across all classes presented many creative and marvellous ideas as exhibits. A number of stills and working models were displayed.
A panel of judges were assigned to evaluate the students based on the creativity and presentation of students from class 6 to 11.
The highlight of the event was a digital planetarium that was set up for students in the campus. There was also a gigantic model made from used plastic bottles and displayed in the quadrangle to emphasise on restricted use of plastic and to follow 3R's ie Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
The event was well appreciated by everyone.
Student's feedback- students were enthralled with this opportunity to showcase their scientific skills. Many higher class students created brilliantly creative models that were highly appreciated by parents.