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Fun & Frolic Day Theme : Plant World
  • 2022
The pre-primary team of St. Joseph's School organized the Fun and Frolic day on 26th August 2022. The theme chosen was Plant World. Students came to school in coloured outfits. Colourful pictures of plants decked up the quadrangle.
Father Principal, Rev Fr Rohan D'Almeida, Coordinator Ms. Poornima Krupa and a few students inaugurated the event by planting a sapling.
Students from UKG welcomed the gathering and shared insights about the plant world, types of plants, and various uses of plants. LKG students showcased the stages of the growth of a plant using props.
There were designated activities corners for identification of seeds, medicinal plants, flowers, and things we get from plants; growth of plant activity, leaf sticking on tree chart, flower wristband, chalk activity, bubble activity, and a vibrant photo corner.
Children danced to the lively music. The tiny tots enjoyed all the activities and learnt many things about the plant world. They were happy to take a sapling home as a takeaway.