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  • 2022
Tarang 2022, the first cultural fest of St Joseph's School was a grand success with 5 mega events, which let the participants showcase various talents, such as photography, meme creation, entrepreneurship skills, dance and fashion. Our Chief guest was Mrs Sangeetha Ravindranath who is a playback singer and performer, inspired the participants before the events and also performed for our students. The theme for the fest was Folklore of India and every event promoted Indian Folklore in every way possible, this helped students know more about our country's diversity and vast culture.
The big day started off with opening ceremony of the cultural fest. The events started off with shark tank, Kalpane with fierce competition. Followed by Nrtya the impromptu dance event with young talents portraying their dance moves, with krida the meme creation event where the participants show cased and entertained our judges with their humour. Last but not the least we have Sanskriti the fashion show where the students expressed their fashion sense with the theme folklore of India.
Folklore consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, dance and customs that are the tradition of a culture. India, a country divided by 28 states, 8 union territories, 1652 spoken languages and 9 recognized religions and a very vast culture stands united in diversity. Famous Folk tales of India include the Ramayana and Mahabharata, famous folk music includes bhangra & dandiya, famous folk dances in our country are Vilasini Natyam, Bihu, Jhumar and many more as such.
Like music, dance and tales, Folklore has various types of its own and speaking of each one might take an entire day or more and nobody wants that for now, so Ill give you a brief about the Folklore of Karnataka and what better month to talk about our state than November.
Karnatakas folk culture majorly includes various types of dances which are performed on several occasions, some of the dances to name are, Dollu Kunita which is performed by the Kuruba community, Kamasale which is performed by the devotees of Mahadeshwara and many more dance forms such as Yakshagana and Nagamandala.
Carnatic Music is the famous folk music of Karnataka and is also famous in various parts of South India. Major instruments used in Carnatic Music are violins, flutes and the veena. The dusshera festival and the Bengaluru habba are some of the occasions where you can experience amazing Carnatic Music.
Famous Folk Tales of Karnataka include Foolish Neelamma and Dhushmas Devotion and many more as such. Some Folk artists from Karnataka are Basavaraj Rajaguru, Bhimsen Joshi, Mallikarjana Mansur, like them Karnataka is a home to numerous Folk Artists.
Folklore of various kinds are not just for entertainment purposes, they also are important to pass on values and character traits, it helps in keeping the culture and tradition of a place alive and makes sure it is carried forward by the next generation.
With the support and guidance of the teachers and all the fellow Josephites the entire fest turned out to be a huge success. There was complete participation and all are hardwork yield good results. To conclude, diversity in culture is to be appreciated and flaunted and we Jospehites absolutely promote and trust in the same.