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Webinar on NEP 2020
  • 2020-2021
A webinar on NEP 2020: Changes and Challenges was organised by St Joseph's School, CBSE and Karnataka Jesuit Higher and Secondary Education Commissions on the 28th of August 2020. The resource persons for the webinar were Rev Fr John Kennedy, Director of Jesuit Council for Educational Research and Training(JCERT) along with Rev Fr Melwyn D Cunha, Principal of Loyola College, Manvi and Coordinator of Karnataka Jesuit Higher Education Commission and Rev Fr Rohan D'Almeida, Principal of St Joseph's School CBSE and Coordinator of Karnataka Jesuit Secondary Education Commission. Rev Fr John Kennedy provided the highlights of the policy and critically analysed the policy. He also clarified the transformational reforms that the policy aims for in school, student, teacher and higher education. He touched on key elements of NEP 2020, the universalization of education, new 5+3+3+4 curricular structure, integration of vocational education, holistic development of the student, and 360 degree assessment, by discussing its pros and cons. He brought to our notice how the promises of the policy had not delved into the and the implementation details and ground realities. The emphasis laid on digital education didn't consider the current infrastructure and its inadequateness to support it. He highlighted how difficult it would get to implement a mother tongue-based learning, given the diversity of languages and dialects in India and the dilution of English language. He envisioned a couple of key features of the policy with doubt and fear. It was a very informative, well explained and an eye opener for the participants. The webinar went on for nearly 2 hour and was attended by more than 400 participants which included Principals, Institutional heads, Vice Principals of various Jesuit institutions, sister institutions and other schools, Parents, Teachers, and others interested not only from various parts of our state but the entire country. The attendees had a lot of queries, to which the speakers welcomed and responded with examples. The webinar was well appreciated by all the participants. Reflections from teachers : "The Webinar NEP was well explained and brought to light the deceitful decorated document pouring of adjectives and superlatives. As noted to be light but tight in the sense of the curriculum being student centred but at the same time it seems to be a long drawn process in achieving one's goal. Economically not suitable for the weaker section of people, not applicable to the intellectually weak students and there is no provision for the RTE. ." ( Jennifer Andrews, teacher SJS CBSE) "The webinar was truly an eyeopener. It gave us the insights or rather the hidden agenda of the new education policy. It also helped us to foresee the challenges as an educator we would have to encounter if the policy is passed. I would like to thank our Principal for being so thoughtful to initiate an informative webinar about NEP."( Roopa Roy, teacher SJS CBSE)