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  • 2020-21
Dr.Radhakrishnan has rightly said "Science has achieved more for the emancipation of masses than the wisdom of sages. It is the only subject which has brought a revolutionary change in our lives since antiquity. Science is truly inspiring and transforming. SCIPLORE has always been a unique platform to showcase the scientific temperament of our students. This year, due to the on-going pandemic, SCIPLORE was hosted in a unique way. We conducted a virtual science exhibition and organised an interesting webinar on the topic 'Science for us' on August 29, 2020 As the wheels started rolling weeks ago with intense and detailed planning, headed by the co-ordinators of this event Ms. Gincy Jimmy and Ms. Brinda. Students from class 1-10 were asked to take part in the competition. Students were asked to select topic keeping in mind the availability of items at home, they had to shoot a video of themselves explaining the topic with their models prepared. Keeping in mind students' safety they were advised to make models and conduct experiments with parental guidance. The videos were then judged by the judges decided for each standard. This virtual exhibition provided a great platform for our students to discover their curiosity and present their scientific talents. The chief guest for the webinar was Dr. Sandra Misquith, Associate professor, Department of Biochemistry, St. Joseph's College(Autonomous) Bengaluru who shared thought provoking insights on the topic 'Science for us' and ignited a sense of scientific curiosity and interest in all of us. Rev. Fr Rohan D'Almeida SJ addressed the gathering and encouraged the young scientists to continue having the same spark and creativity towards science. The webinar was attended by students, parents, judges and other attendees interested in the topic. REFLECTIONS FROM PARENTS AND STUDENTS St Joseph's School CBSE conducts Science Exhibition every year for the students' form Class 1 to 10 to encourage the young brains in the field of science. This year The SCIPLORE webinar was held on the 29th August 2020, as the school could not conduct the exhibition at the school premises due to the covid situation. Students were asked to design their working models and projects at home and send innovations by showcasing the working models by explaining the concepts, ideas and the uses through virtual environment. Some of the best projects were selected and the students were E-awarded with the certificates for the best work. The initiative by the school definitely makes the challenging minds gain knowledge and experience in the field of science and also promotes the scientific attitude among the budding students which is greatly appreciated. (Parent of PRAJWAL BOBBY, CLASS 8C). The imagination and creativity of the students is amazing. Even after being in a situation like this, students did try their best. I sincerely believe that most of the experiments done by the students can be taken to the next level. (Parent of RAAIDA ESA, CLASS 10A) Conducting activities like SCIPLORE will surely help in providing a sense of continuity and stability to our kids during this unprecedented time. The hardwork and dedication of the faculty and Management is greatly appreciated by the parent community. Seeing the number of winners from each section, I can only emphasize on the following words "Doors are locked but minds are open". (Parent of VEDH G NAIR, CLASS 2C). SCIPLORE is a fantastic way to get innovative mind of child into use or action. They get to think and learn about how science help them into day to day activities and everything around works on scientific methods. They get into learning and thinking through projects like SCIPLORE which is very important for their overall growth. It also nurtures natural curiosity around how everything works around them. (Parent of NEHA JAIN, CLASS 2A) First of all I would like to congratulate and thank the school and Principal Sir and all the school staffs for organising the science fair. There was so much excitement and fun for Sushmit to participate in this program. This is a fabulous effort by all of you. This way, the pupil was engaged and thoughtful of the very basis of life called science. We personally had lot of fun shooting our son's video wherein he was explaining the project to all of you. We feel that speaking in front of camera is another way of making the pupil ready for public speaking and properly articulating his/her thoughts. We appreciate this effort very much and thankful to the school. Bravo and keep going. (Parent of SUSHMIT ROY, CLASS 9A). Sci-Plore - As the name suggests brings out the creativity of the child to explore Science in an unique way, Although we are in the comfort of our homes , we applaud and are appreciation of the all the hard work taken by the Rev Fr Principal , Science teachers ,Peers and all involved to make the SCI-PLORE a humongous success . We were in admiration with the dedication of our 8th Std Science Teacher, Ms Gincy who guided us at every step of the way motivating us to create the same with the limited appliances and materials at home given the thought that we could not go out and freely purchase as against a normal scenario, she connected out of normal times to meticulously explain to us and get our creativity out and put our thinking caps on and perform to the optimum The insights shared by Dr Sandra Misquith explaining the importance of Sci-Plore was also extremely informative and educative ,The various projects / experiments submitted by the students were a sight to behold , with our Josephite Scientists performing experiments with conducting electricity with lemons, and it got us to think that even in a Pandemic situation with the right guidance and mentoring we students can bring out the best in any situation, Although we could not be physically present to see the creations of our school mates , we were fortunate to view the same on our schools YouTube Channel . Last but not the least we take this opportunity to thank Fr Principal Rohan and Gincy Ma'am and our class teacher for all the encouragement and support and constant reminders for on time submission (PARENT OF ARHAAN PEREIRA, CLASS 8B).