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  • 2019-20
St Joseph's School CBSE held its first Valedictory Ceremony for the students of Class 10, Batch of 2019-20 on 1 February, 2020 at school. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Clifford Pereira, Director of TV9 Network. The ceremony was presided over by Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ, Rector of St Joseph's Indian Institutions in the presence of Rev. Fr Rohan D'Almeida SJ, the Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju SJ, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Shirley Wilfred, Academic Advisor, Rev Fr Deepak JK, Principal of St Joseph's Community College and a special guest, Angela from Italy. The programme commenced with a solemn march by the students dressed in formal suits, lead by the dignitaries. The students pledged in unison to incorporate and follow the values learnt at school, remain loyal and bring glory to their Alma mater. The school captain, Jnanesh Bopanna gave the meaningful valedictory message before transferring the charge to the new school captain Akhil Khare of Class-9 in the presence of the Principal, Rev. Fr Rohan D'Almeida SJ. Post taking over the charge, Akhil Khare replied to the valedictorian's speech. A meaningful and emotional video presentation capturing the glimpses of the momentous, beautiful journey of togetherness of the Class-10 students was presented before the gathering. The students took the centre stage; experienced mixed feelings of pride and sadness, while the parents looked on joyfully; a day forever etched in the memories of St Joseph's School CBSE. The ceremony was made more meaningful through an inspiring speech by the Chief Guest whose words envisioned the bright future that lay ahead for the batch about to make its way into a new phase of life, a brand new world. The Rector, Fr Leo Pereira conveyed an inspirational message in his speech and motivated them to keep rising and shining. Rector also blessed the outgoing students to do well in life. Ms Preeti, the parent of a valedictorian, shared her positive experience as a parent and advised the students to choose wisely in each and every aspect of the lives as she went on to explain that every choice they make has a consequence of its own. Mementoes were given to all the outgoing students by the dignitaries wishing for the well-being and happiness of the students, who in a few days would be the alumni of St Joseph's School. The vote of thanks by Ms Sheeba touched many hearts and brought tears to many eyes she nostalgically reflected upon their journey in St. Joseph's School CBSE. The valedictorians walked along the aisle with lit candles, a symbolic march which signifies the carrying forward the light of knowledge to the world as true ambassadors of St. Joseph's School CBSE. Valedictory ceremony will be marked in the school calendar as a special day, as the Josephite family bid fond farewell to the first outgoing batch of Class 10 students