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  • 2019-20
The Counsellor's Conclave 2019 was organised at St Joseph's School Auditorium on October 18, 2019 by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex. The theme of this conclave was "Understand Adolescents – Help Make a Better Tomorrow". The conclave was attended by 250 participants from Sahodaya and other schools. The participants included Principals, Counselor's, Teachers and Students from psychology background. The following topics were covered in the conclave; • Depression among Adolescents • Signs Indicative of Mental Wellness • Cyber Bullying • Body Image & Personality Development Mr Sudharshan, Assistant Professor at Sampurna Montfort College, lead the first session of the day. He navigated through reasons for depression and corrective measures to overcome depressive tendencies among adolescent boys and girls. Ms Ashwini, Founder-Director of Muktha Foundation discussed about the Signs Indicative of Mental Wellness, who gave a detailed description about Martin Seligman's PERMA Model and emphasized on the role of positive emotions and healthy negative emotions. She also shared certain interesting techniques to deal with stress and to tap the resources contributing towards wellness. The post noon session began with Dr. Ali Khwaja, Founder-Chairman of Banjara Academy discussing about Body Image and Personality Development issues among adolescents. He briefed the audience about identity formation phase of adolescents and the role played by parents in facilitating a healthy identity formation. The Counsellor's Conclave concluded with the session by Mr Alwyn Sebastian, partner of TSA legal firm, who threw light on Cyber Bullying and Cyber Crime. He shared certain inputs creating awareness about email spoofing, credit card frauds, hacking and so on. In addition to the thought-provoking& informative sessions the participants also had an opportunity to witness live performance by Indian Ventriloquist Mr Santhosh Kumar, who articulated the theme of the conclave through the puppet. Through his interactive humor he brought much cheer and laughter to the audience while delivering a powerful message on handling depression. All the sessions of Counselor's Conclave 2019 were informative & interactive. Certification of participation was distributed to all the participants towards the end of the event.