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  • 2019-20
Every child deserves rich literacy teaching. We want all the children to achieve success in their reading and writing so that they can become able and confident literate learners, well equipped for active participation in society in future .Phonics is the basic reading instruction that teaches children the relationships between letters and sounds. Phonics teaches children to use these relationships to speak and write words. Phonic awareness begins in Kindergarten and concludes with more complex activities by the middle of the first grade. A training session on Phonics was organized on 17 August 2019 for the teachers of Kindergarten to Class 4. Ms Lalitha Appachu, Director of Centre for Training Excellence (CFTE), was the Resource person. The workshop was aimed at equipping teachers with all that is needed to support the development of childrens early Phonological awareness for later success in Literacy. Teachers were given tips on to how to introduce PHONICS into the early childhood learning environment using a variety of phonological activities, teaching aids to cover all the areas for literacy development.