Students' Achievements

Math is logical and it should be solved with logical steps.

If children have a better understanding of the mental math concepts, they are more likely to approach math with a positive outlook. Mental math develop their ability to perform basic arithmetic rules at speed without using pencil or paper. Mental math is a widely used technique to master math which is also gaining importance at the international level. Many children have mastered the techniques involved and are turning to be mental math geniuses all over the world.

One such child genius is Sanath A of St Joseph’s School, who is in Class 6. Sanath A has brought glory to the school by securing 1stRunner Up in Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2019. Around 900 participants from 35 countries took part in the Aloha Mental Arithmetic International Competition held at Guangzhou, China; it was Sanath’s explicit knowledge and command over math which helped him emerge the 1st Runners Up 2019 and receive Five Gold Medals. He was also presented a Trophy for taking part in the competition at the International Level competitions for the last four years.


Sanath has always been inclined to math and has consistently pursued mental math. He has participated in several competitions at National & International Levels. A few of his accomplishments/achievements are, he has consistently been the winner of the National level competitions for four consecutive years since 2015. Sanath was the Grand Champion of Mental Arithmetic International Competition, year 2016 at held in Indonesia, and was recognized as a Champion, at International Competition held in Malaysia, year 2017. Aloha Mental Arithmetic International Competition held at World Trade Centre, Moscow in Russia, year 2018, Sanath received the 1stRunner Up Certificate.

Sanath is an exemplary student and is a role model for his peers.