St Joseph's School, Bangalore

St Joseph’s School lays a solid foundation for the students from Kindergarten up to Class 12.

St Joseph’s Indian Institutions managed by the Jesuit Fathers, has a legacy of 115 years of undoubted and unprecedented service to society by educating the younger generation. It is firmly built on the motto “Faith and Toil”, aimed at making the young men and women to grow and mould themselves to be selfless in building human communities.

In 2014, St Joseph’s School, a co-educational school was established and inducted into the already existing St Joseph’s family.

The guiding values of Compassion, Commitment, Conscience, Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Competence and Care for mother earth & the cosmos, are the core values that our school is based on.

At St Joseph’s, we see leaders and leadership qualities built on spiritual values along with self-awareness, ingenuity, love and heroism. Instilling and encouraging students to inculcate these qualities at a young age ensures that these values become a way of life for the Josephites who can live up to the legacy of St Joseph’s which is synonymous to ‘Excellence & Service’; which in turn make them highly competent and innovative thus enabling them to contribute positively towards the society and make this world a better place for everyone.