St Joseph's School, Bangalore

Principal’s Message

Rev. Fr. Rohan D'Almeida SJ

Jesuit education is a well-rounded education, which encompasses Growth in faith and an understanding of God’s purpose in our life which goes hand-in-hand with personal development in other areas. As envisioned by our founder St Ignatius of Loyola, the core of all our education system is our value system; The Jesuit guiding values of compassion, commitment, conscience, competence, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and care for mother earth and the whole of the cosmos, are the foundation on which we proceed to build our school.At St Joseph’s School, we believe that an education is more than “book learning.”

We follow the Jesuit ideal of forming the whole person: the mind, the heart, the body and the spirit.We believe that the formation of moral and religious values as critical to education. The Education imparted at our school develops the spiritual, intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical abilities of students so they can become mature adults who will contribute their talents and skills to the welfare of their fellow human beings in the spirit of being Men and Women with and for others (society).

We affirm that every child is unique and is a miracle that is born with humongous potential. At Joseph’s we encourage & promote a perfect harmony of Academic, Social and Emotional Learning which the key for the holistic development of children specifically their academic skills, ability to make good choices and providing total education for the students to make them assertive and well-prepared to face the future and take up leadership positions in the world.Leadership traits such as self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making are instilled in our students from a very young age. Josephites are encouraged to strive for excellence in whatever task they are given or do. A focus on excellence means striving for quality or merit in all that they do by using/utilising the abilities and opportunities to their fullest, working hard alongside balancing other values &priorities. A commitment to excellence brings one closer to living it well and to attaining the dreams.We are fired with the force and fervor of Jesuit education behind our motto ‘Faith and Toil ‘to transform the lives of students by making them academically accomplished, athletically vibrant, morally strong and socially sensitive. Guided by a vision/an ideal, passion for excellence with a blend of outstanding leadership qualities coupled with high quality Jesuit educational background would equip the Josephites with the perfect harmony of personal and social skill set which would enable them to take up leadership roles in future and help develop the country ( or and work towards the betterment of our nation).