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Students' Achievements

Abdul Rehman, Class of 3'C', secured Third Prize in the Ball Throw competition at the State-level Kids Athletic Meet 2024

Ved Rajkumar Represents the official Bengaluru Football Club - Under 11 - Elite team

Ved Rajkumar
10 years / male
Studying 5th grade C section
St Joseph’s School CBSE, Bengaluru
Represents the official Bengaluru Football Club - Under 11 - Elite team
Earlier clubs
Blues Football club (Under 9 & Under 11)
Black Panthers Football Club (Under 11)
Desporto Football Coaching Academy (Under 9)
Ved’s interest in football started when he was 8 year old, joined his friends and started playing for his school team. He joined his first club and played few matches in 2020, was cut short due to Covid. However, he continued practice alone during lockdowns and resumed his club activities in 2022.
Represented 2 clubs in the year and played KSFA, DPDL, Williams Cup and two other tournaments in 2022-23 season. Completed the season with 8 goals, 10+ assists and multiple defences.
In the current season 2023-24 he got selected for BFC Under 11 Elite through open trials. He was among the 18 members selected among 4000+ kids from across India.
Till now in the current season 2023-24 he has associated with BFC Under 11 Elite team Represented in 17 matches (KSFA - State Level & DPDL - National Level) in defence position and wing, with multiple blocks & assists also led the team as a captain and winning Player of the Match.

Ved Rajkumar invited to inaugurate 'Namma Raste' event at BBMP

Ved Rajkumar of 5 ‘C’ has been recognised for his social activities and vision by WRI (World Resources Institute - India) and BBMP.
He was invited to inaugurate the ‘Namma Raste’ event at BBMP, which is focused around creating save, inclusive, resilient community spaces.
Ved has started an initiative called ‘Let Me Walk’ , with group of volunteers to create small stretches of safe to walk footpaths in Bengaluru
He was also recently interviewed by Kannada news channel regarding the same.

BPDL Tournament

Our Student Master JONATHAN SACHIN GLADY of Class 2 has been selected to represent Barca Academy Bangalore under 19 in the ongoing BPDL Tournament. He is also traveling to Delhi to play Barca India Cup in the month of January 2024

Anveshana 2023

Anveshana 2023 is a showcase of Research Projects undertaken by the students of classes 9 and above from various schools across Bengaluru. These students have been provided a scientific platform at Prayoga Institute of Education Research campus in Bengaluru for carrying out research to lead to innovation. During the event, these students would exhibit their Scientific Research talents and bring to light innovation that could potentially create an impact on industry and society. We are glad to proclaim that Aschelle Tricia Rodrigues of Class 9A has been successfully completed her training process under the supervision of Dr. Venkata Krishna B on the project titled “Degradation of environmentally hazardous dyes through integrated approach utilising eco-friendly nano photocatalysts and microbial consortia” for four months and presented her work through an article.

36th Lions International Peace Poster Inter School Competition 2023-24 "DARE TO DREAM"

Students of St Joseph’s School participated in 36th Lions International Peace Poster Inter School Competition 2023-24 "DARE TO DREAM", conducted on 5Th November in Chitrakala Parishad.


Creativity among children is almost in-born. Every child is creative, the degree may vary; however, not the basic manifestation. Originality, creativity and innovative spirit among our children have to be promoted. This will be helpful when they become leaders of our society in future ensuring an imaginative, inclusive future for the country fuelled by innovation. Inclusive development of our society needs opportunities for children so as to ensure an aversion to inertia and a reverence for innovative ways of solving problems.

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research' (INSPIRE) scheme is one of the flagship programmes of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The INSPIRE Awards - MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge), being executed by DST with National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF), an autonomous body of DST, aims to motivate students in studying in classes 6 to 10. The objective of the scheme is to target one million original ideas/innovations rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among school children. As per the guidelines of this scheme, St Joseph’s School had nominated 5 best original ideas/innovations of students through this website under the guidance of science teacher Ms Gincy George. The DST and Ministry of Education examined these selected projects. Two students Jerome Jimmy and Nischal Antony from Class 9 got the final selection and awarded with a grant of Rs 10,000 rupees as prize amount.



Math is logical and it should be solved with logical steps.

If children have a better understanding of the mental math concepts, they are more likely to approach math with a positive outlook. Mental math develop their ability to perform basic arithmetic rules at speed without using pencil or paper. Mental math is a widely used technique to master math which is also gaining importance at the international level. Many children have mastered the techniques involved and are turning to be mental math geniuses all over the world.

One such child genius is Sanath A of St Joseph’s School, who is in Class 6. Sanath A has brought glory to the school by securing 1stRunner Up in Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2019. Around 900 participants from 35 countries took part in the Aloha Mental Arithmetic International Competition held at Guangzhou, China; it was Sanath’s explicit knowledge and command over math which helped him emerge the 1st Runners Up 2019 and receive Five Gold Medals. He was also presented a Trophy for taking part in the competition at the International Level competitions for the last four years.


Sanath has always been inclined to math and has consistently pursued mental math. He has participated in several competitions at National & International Levels. A few of his accomplishments/achievements are, he has consistently been the winner of the National level competitions for four consecutive years since 2015. Sanath was the Grand Champion of Mental Arithmetic International Competition, year 2016 at held in Indonesia, and was recognized as a Champion, at International Competition held in Malaysia, year 2017. Aloha Mental Arithmetic International Competition held at World Trade Centre, Moscow in Russia, year 2018, Sanath received the 1stRunner Up Certificate.

Sanath is an exemplary student and is a role model for his peers.